We love making beer almost as much as we love drinking it so we have made some really special beers just for you (and us!)


We use the finest hops and some other brilliant ingredients to quench your thirstbuds and give you a thrill with every sip.




Please ring the brewery direct on

079671 27 27 8 or 01622 749931 to order your beer and arrange pick-up from Loddington Farm.



ALC 3.8% VOL
Fife and Drum


A Golden Ale which produces tantalising tastes and aromas of spice, honey, marmalade, floral and the merest hint of wild blackcurrant growing in the hedgerows of Kent. An ale which is akin to taking a refreshing stroll in the garden of England.

ALC 4.2% VOL


A stunning best bitter which evokes a taste of an old English woodland, with shafts of dappled

sunlight striking through green cedar trees.

Flintlock will ignite your tastebuds with its spicy orange undertones and just a hint of marmalade.

Ball Puller


The epitome of a premier Kentish Bitter.


Admire its captivating colour, before the aroma of finest hops entices you to savour the smoothness and lingering after taste, leaving you wanting more of this most excellent beer!

ALC 4.0% VOL
ALC 4.5% VOL


Our Kentish Ale envokes the faint spicy aroma of well-seasoned, smoked cedar logs and orange drifts

from this full-bodied bitter.

A great pint to enjoy with friends at your local.



An easy drinking, hoppy, Pale Ale that can magically transport you to rolling Hop Gardens, where wild flowers are in abundance and bees are pollinating the blackcurrant bushes.

Evokes childhood memories of bygone summers!

ALC 3.6% VOL

Powder Burn


A Kentish Porter that is dark and mysterious yet explodes with flavour.

Evokes the ancient earthy and sweet aromas of times gone by!


(Brewed between October & February only)

ALC 5.0% VOL



A carefully selected blend of four malts, roasted barley and Kentish hops, has produced this exceptional mild beer of the highest quality and character.


Rich and dark, this flavoursome beer is to be enjoyed again and again.

(Brewed between March & October only)

ALC 3.8% VOL

Flash In The Pan 


Flash In The Pan is a Green Hopped Golden Ale with infused aromas of floral, honey, spice and blackcurrant, with a pleasantly dry,

lingering, after taste.

(Available September & October only)

ALC 4.0% VOL

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