Launched in 2013, Musket Brewery Limited is a small, family business, operated by me, my wife Linda, my son Rhys and a couple of fantastically loyal and true friends, who pitch in to help. We are always being approached to support charities, with donations of money, beer, goods, etc., and we simply are unable to do so. As a long-standing CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) member, Musket Brewery has supported numerous charities through my branch and other Kent-based branches of CAMRA and will continue to do so – but I am afraid that this is all that we can do.


I personally have been a fervent charity fundraiser for more than 40 years, raising huge amounts for local and national good causes. I know and fully appreciate, just how hard fundraising can be and therefore wish people every success in their endeavours. However, I’m sorry, but apart from the support mentioned, Musket Brewery is unable to assist further.


Thank you in anticipation of your understanding and good luck.


Tony Williams – Co proprietor Musket Brewery.

Musket Brewery's Charity Policy

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