Musket to know the team!

Musket Brewery Limited is a family business run by Tony Williams, his wife, Linda Pizani Williams and their son Rhys, who is managing the day to day running of the brewing side of the business, together with social media.


They have many friends and contacts throughout the brewing industry and licensed trade, together with family and friends who are professionals in image consultancy, IT, web design and marketing. Having "Home Brewed" for decades, Tony was formally the Managing Director of a newspaper group, before becoming Head of Media and Marketing for a local council, followed by a similar role in the charity sector. A dedicated CAMRA member, Tony attended the professional beer tasting course through the Institute of Brewing & Distilling and regularly works in a voluntary capacity at his local CAMRA branch Beer Festival.


Having spent many years working for Kent Probation Service, Linda is also a highly sought after expert in obtaining European funding for community projects. Specialising in the criminal justice system, Linda has been responsible for securing many millions of European funding for UK based projects, which have helped a multitude of disadvantaged people. Linda does a fantastic job in overseeing invoicing and accounts, in liaison with Dendy Neville, the Musket company accountants.


Long-standing personal friends, Tony Rogers and Steve de Wiggondene-Sheppard, pitch in every week with customer servicing and beer quality control (yeah - right!!).


Photos by David M. Baker Photography -


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