We "Musket" a name for the brewery!


Once a "home" was found, naming Musket Brewery was one of the first things to be decided!


"We kept saying, 'oh we must get this, we must get that, we must get some of those' and we soon realised that the word MUSKET was being continually used." said co-founder, Tony Williams.


Home for the Musket Brewery is Loddington Farm in the Borough of Maidstone at Linton, the adjacent parish to Coxheath. It was at Coxheath that regular troops together with raw militia used to camp and train, for what seemed at the time, an inevitable invasion from France in the 1700’s.


The military camp was the scene of several big reviews of troops by visiting dignitaries, including one by King George III and Queen Charlotte in 1778. The brewery is a short distance from Heath Road, with the very straight course of this road being the direct result of work by the military engineers, a fitting environment for the Musket Brewery!


For Tony and his wife Linda, this conjured up images of an era where chivalry, courtesy, attention to detail, commitment, honour and traditional values were paramount. These are the values on which the Musket Brewery is founded and the two directors believe that you could not get a more firmer foundation for a new venture.


So Musket Brewery Limited it is. That’s how it got its name – now you know!

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